Thursday, February 28, 2013

More weasel words...and phrases

-Yes I made a mistake, but it was only a tiny one sir, 3% -- J.B.
-I don't remember doing it.
-oops, my bad  -- J.L.
-I'm doing the best that I can   -- J.L.
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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

After the Compliance Audit Committee reported out Feb 25...

"This is offensive," [Adam] Vaughan hissed. "There's not a rule he didn't break. There are no consequences if you break the rules. And if you find rules that are broken, it doesn't matter."
It is now anybody's game: you no longer need to know the rules before you break the rules.
Anarchy reigns forever: the bullies will rule....
All hail the New Order!!!

Interim Score


Monday, February 25, 2013

Radio Talk Show on CIUT

Any day now I'll begin my six hour daily talk show on CIUT, seven days a week, featuring GOSPEL Music...I'll be able to get that right wing constituency under my spell, and get their vote. Music and words, words and music. Lots of phone in conversations. And the whole show can be written off my taxes, no problem...just ask Schadenford...

Campaign Posters, etc.

Folks, I've decided to go with DECO Labels and Tags -- they've made the cheapest proposal so far for all my printed needs. Besides, it keeps the money in the Schadenford Family. Of course, I can always plead ignorance...Why not?

More phrases

Sadly my young eyes can't read the fine print. Hey that might be another weasel phrase for you... Joe B.

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead

Also have a few thousand Dong left from Vietnam ... Joe B.

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On 2013-02-25, at 9:18 PM, "Dean Tudor, Wine Writer"
And most of it is in that ugly dark amber colour...I'll think about it..

Weasel words to use instead of "deny" ref. compliance audit committee vote.

Folks, in the interest of transparency and the failure of the compliance audit committee to actually perform, I`m composing a list of phrases to use when you are caught with your pants down...
Please feel free to add to this list:
         -technical glitch
         -in good faith
-technical breach
-difference of opinion
-mistakes happen
-not likely to succeed in prosecution
-not in the public interest
-difference in interpretation
-didn't think that was even possible
-but my vision encompasses this possibility
-we planned this all along, you see it fits over here
-that was the last mayor


A quick $2.5 million, thanks!!

Posted your blog on my Facebook page. I have $2.5 million from my Monopoly set you can start with.   Joe B.

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On 2013-02-25, at 8:55 PM, "Dean Tudor, Wine Writer"
Can you raise $5 million for me?

Campaign Office to Open Soon

Then let it begin...