Monday, March 4, 2013

More bon mots

-[Schadenford's] behaviour has been emboldened by deep ignorance, deeper indifference, and a rampaging sense of entitlement. -- C. Hume, Star, March 1/13.

-"We've got the casino, we've got the Gardiner (Expressway) and we've got the election. I think a lot of people are already in that election mode and just wrapping up a few loose ends and we're going to be on the campaign trail. We're going to be getting, guaranteed getting, subways. - Schadenford, Sun TV

-"The mayor has his own approach to dialoguing with the federal government. There are public ways to do it and private ways to do it."  Coun. Minnan-Wong, Star, March 4/13

-"Rob Ford can yell 'subways, subways, subways'  all he wants, but if he's not on the train when it goes to Ottawa he's not getting any cash. It's an abysmal failure of leadership" -- Coun. Adam Vaughan, Star, March 4/13.



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