Saturday, April 27, 2013

Councilllor Ford to Take on the Globe and Mail

TRAWNA -- (GOSH News Services) -- The Foxy News North Network, enjoyed nightly by just 4,000 viewers, has now learned that Toronto Councillor Douglas Ford is about to take on the Globe and Mail.
Quoted in the Globe (Sept. 13, 2012):  "He [Councillor Ford] vowed to take a tougher stance with the media, particularly The Globe and Mail. 'I'm changing my rules', he said. 'Every time you guys go after Rob [his brother, Mayor Schadenford], I'm going after you.'
Our top investigative reporter, Brett Grimsby, has been following this story and sends us this update --
"Foxy, I've found out that Councillor Ford has taken out several student subscriptions to the Globe and Mail, in the names of his staff. Such paid subscriptions will save the City of Toronto money. What he intends to do is to read the paper with his staff, looking for ways to get back at the paper. I understand that he intends to proofread for errors of spelling and grammar and to check every single fact. He's doing this with the aid of his current staff, who, it turns out, all have degrees in English Literature, Language and Linguistics. The fact checking will be turned over to those with graduate degrees, including his one professional librarian-researcher on staff. He alone will do the copy editing part of the procedure, to introduce clarity into each and every article in the Globe. Of course, this work is all to be voluntary; staff will do the reading during their lunch hours, breaks, tea time, subway riding, and while eating dinner at home with their families.
"Mayor Schadenford has said that he will read the Sports section line by line, with an eye to football coverage, while he is driving to work each day.
"If Councillor Ford succeeds in finding errors, he will immediately write letters on official City letterhead to the Globe's editorial staff, insisting on corrections, clarifications, and/or retractions for every single item. He will insist that all errors be listed and corrected on page two."
More on this story as it unfolds...

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