Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Mayor Schadenford's 2014 Campaign almost derailed

TORONTO -- (GOSH News Services) -- The Foxy News North Network, always enjoyed by just under 4,000 weekday viewers, has just learned that Mayor Schadenford's 2014 campaign for re-election almost went off the rails last week.
Here's Brett Grimsby, our local investigative reporter, with the story:
"Foxy, I'd like to say that Mayor Schadenford is no pussy cat when it comes to campaigning, but something obviously went wrong last week. When he announced his campaign for re-election in 2014, he had Media Kits for distribution to most of the 4,000 citizens who turned up at his Ford Fest BBQ where he made the announcement that he was running again for Mayor.
"Unfortunately, all of the Media Kits bore the campaign date of 2013. When this was pointed out to Mayor Schadenford, he said: 'Well, that's when I'm running again. Every three years there's an election for Mayor and Council in Toronto. Even if you're a ninny, you know that.'
"When it was pointed out that the election actually comes every four years, he said: 'You're kidding me. I just KNOW it's every three years -- I can count. The 2010 election, 2011, 2012, and then 2013. What's the problem? I know the rules.'
"Libby, our intrepid librarian-researcher who had accompanied me to the BBQ, pointed out that Mayor Schadenford, when he was Councillor, had missed the vote that changed the time span between elections. Schadenford said, 'So what? I play by my own rules. There WILL be an election in 2013 because I am running in it!!!'
"Councillor Bro Doug took Mayor Schadenford aside at that point, and they had a hurried conversation. The Mayor then carefully departed.
"Later, Councillor Bro Doug said: 'The Campaign is, of course, for 2014. The Mayor regrets the error. We have some $100,000 in campaign flyers, posters, and signs, and we will be changing the date from 2013 to 2014 manually by using staff volunteers working every weekday morning until the job is done. Deco Labels & Tags will be creating some half-million labels with the year "2014" printed on them, and we'll be able to bill the City for this at wholesale, saving money over the difference in price. We are always aware of gravy, and try to defuse that issue.'
More on this breaking story as it unfolds...

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