Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Schadenford plunges like Icarus...

Headline in Globe July 17/13, pA4: "PMO memo asking for enemies list creates new furor"

Headline in Globe July 17/13, pA8: "More transit uproar at council"

Headline in Globe July 17/13, pA8: "With goal line so near, Rob Ford stumbles and fumbles" [Marcus Gee]

Shelley Carroll tweets (July 16): "The mayor just learned for the first time that the LRT is not on a road."

TRAWNA (GOSH News Services) -- The Foxy Wine News Network North today has learned that Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (aka Schadenford by friends and foe alike) has had his name entered into the Harper Government's frenemy list.

Top investigative reporter Brett Grimsby, who has been following the story, files this report:

"Foxy, the PMO had decided on a disruptive strategy for Rob Ford, the sometime-onetime Mayor of Toronto. The strategy is Project Obfuscation, and the word was deliberately chosen by the Secretary of the PMO because neither Schadenford nor his brother would know what the term means.

"The policy of obfuscation is deliberate, much like Project Traveller which sought out videos of fellow travellers and users. It doesn't take much to set off Schadenford, and the PMO went after him in that manner. While federal money is available for municipal infrastructure, there is no real indication that money is available for subways or for LRTs. Subways if necesaary, but not necessarily subways, and only after the Sheppard LRT issue is dead. Minister Flaherty encouraged Schadenford to rip out roads for the LRT, but only if necessary. At Tuesday's Toronto Council meeting someone showed a map to Schadenford, showing that the LRT is not on a street."

More on this story as it develops...

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