Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Schadenford's Appellative Function

Have you noticed that reportage on Schadenford now includes the word "falsely" or "untruthfully", as in "Ford falsely suggested spending..." or "Ford untruthfully said that gravy....".
Try a Google search. BTW, these same words are also being applied to Doug Ford, as revealed by the search.
In that context, Ford was interviewed on Fairchild TV and "falsely" suggested that spending for the Waterfront Toronto project of Sugar Beach was approved during his two-month stint in rehab.
He said:  "As soon as I go away they go and spend a million dollars on rocks and umbrellas. The gravy train obviously was back on the rails as soon as I'm away"
[Sugar Beach was actually completed in August 2010, before Ford was even elected]
To drugs and alcohol, may we also add "delusions of grandeur"? Meet our Mayor – Schadenford the False !!


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